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9 April 2014

  • Today, I'm going to synthesize two buffers and then autoclave them, along with 1300 mL of H2O. The first buffer is 1L of 100 mM Phosphate buffer at pH 7, and the second is a 1L 100 mM Phoshpate buffer with 1M NaCl.
  • Procedure
  1. 5.13 g of the monobasic and 8.90 g of the dibasic components were dissolved and pure water was added until the volume was 1L.
  2. 4.83 g of the monobasic and 9.21 g of the dibasic components, and 45.093 g of NaCl were dissolved in pure water and brought to 1L.
  3. 500 mL and 800 mL of DI H2O were run through a glass filter, followed by the buffers.
  4. These were then autoclaved for 90 minutes at 121C

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