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Reconstitution of ApoMb with Mn-PPIX

Andrew and I dissolved 16.8 mg of MnPPIX into 2 mL of autoclaved 100 mM Phosphate buffer, with 15 drops of 0.1N NaOH. We let that stir and fully dissolve into solution before adding it dropwise to the apoprotein we synthesized last week. The reaction ran overnight.

Mb Citrate in MeCN at 25°C

Andrew and I ran the reaction at 25°C. 4.9 mg of OPD was dissolved in 4.9 mL of MeCN. 1.6 mg of Mb Citrate was dissolved in 1 mL of MeCN. The stock peroxide solution was made using 114 μL of H2O2 and 887 μL of MeCN. The reaction was run for 2 hours, and the Mb was added just before the third scan.



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