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Mn Mb Purification

We ran some of the purified sample and lyophilized sample with Daniel's SDS-PAGE gel. There was protein in both samples, according to the gel. So, we are continuing purification of the Mn Mb through the PD10 column.

Preparation of CoMb

Since we have somewhat of a grasp of the protocols to obtain usable results, we are going to start preparing Co Mb. I ran another extraction with 50 mg of protein in 20 mL of buffer, and 2 mL of acid. Three extractions were performed, and the apoprotein was purified using a PD10 desalt column.

Dialysis results of Mb in Buffers

We ran 10 mg of Mb in 20 mL of each buffer through dialysis overnight, and took spectra this morning. Below are the results.







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