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Testing Control Reactions

Before moving on any further, we ran control reactions in different solvents to see if heme or the protein has catalytic properties. We made a stock of hemin in 5 mL of solvent, along with 10 mg of Mb Citrate and Phosphate in 1 mL of solvent. We took spectra of these and determined how much each needed to be diluted to have an A(400) of 0.1. Following this, the diluted solutions were prepared. OPD and Peroxide solutions were made, and added to 4 tubes each. The four reactions were as follows:

  1. Control - no protein or hemin
  2. Hemin only
  3. Mb Citrate
  4. Mb Phosphate

The solvents used were Isopropanol and Ethanol. These were prepared and let react for 2 hours on the shake plate.


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