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New cultures of transformed cells


  • Re-culture of DH5α cells previously transformed with the ligation reactions.

  • Today after Pablo transformed DH5α cells with the ligation reactions we did on monday and we left them growing, we see that colonies grew in the two petri dishes corresponding to the transformed cells with the ligation reactions 1 and 2. There are few colonies and no one is red; we expect to see red colonies because of the RFP. Also in one of our controls grew a colony.
  • So I did a new petri dish with the following specifications: LB medium with gentamicin; I pick with a stick each of the colonies of the 3 petri dishes (6, 8 and 1 respectively) and made a line in the new petri dish. We want to see if the colonies are contamination or if they are really the cells of interest. I left the petri dish incubating at 37°C overnight.

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