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  1. Run ICP on unreacted gold solutions and nanoparticles in solution (as well as for other groups)
  2. Run conductivity tests on same solutions
  3. Run UV-Vis on same solutions


  1. Add experimental record here. Include what, how, and why...


Sample Sample Number in ICP-OES Au (mg/mL)
Unreacted Au Solution #11243.72
Unreacted Au Solution #21253.84
Unreacted Au Solution #31263.83
AuNP Solution #11303.92
AuNP Solution #21313.81
AuNP Solution #31323.84
Average (mg/mL)Unreacted: 3.80AuNP Solution: 3.86

The following graph shows the ICP measurements for unreacted gold solutions and nanoparticles in solution. These values are pretty high, which makes sense because of the amount of Au 3+ ions around the particles and dissolved in water.

Sample Conductivity (uS/cm)
Unreacted #1575
Unreacted #2282
Unreacted #3297.1
AuNP #1346
AuNP #2330
AuNP #3352

The values for the conductivity experiment do not make sense, because of the fluctuation in numbers. There should be a large value of conductivity because of the gold ions in solution.

For UV-Vis blank data, please see Michael's Openwetware for Dec. 2.


This area is for any observations or conclusions that you would like to note.

Use categories like tags. Change the "Course" category to the one corresponding to your course. The "Miscellaneous" tag can be used for particular experiments, as instructed by your professor. Please be sure to change or delete this tag as required so that the categories remain well organized.

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