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  1. Finish PVA and PVAC film synthesis
  2. Find density of PVA and PVAC films
  3. Start soaking PVAC films in 10 ppm BPA solution
  4. For each time interval of film soaking, GCMS and HPLC analysis will be done


BPA Stock Solution

  1. 10.4 mg of BPA
  2. This is dissolved in 5 mL of Methanol
  3. Diluted with 1L of water


  1. 18 PVAC films were cut and placed in 18 vials
  2. 10mL of 10ppm BPA solution in each 18 vials
  3. Vials were labeled for 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hr, 2hrs, Wednesday afternoon, Monday and Evenings on Thursday, and Friday
  4. At the said time, the film is removed from the vials


PVA Density

PVA Film Mass (kg) Volume (L) Denisty (kg/L) Average Density

PVAC Density

PVAC Film Mass (kg) Volume (L) Denisty (kg/L) Average Density


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