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  • Realized that when establishing stable source of [ w/Fm7AG ; FRT42D/CyoAg ], potentially included non Cyo Female
  • Control cross from yesterday not correct. Forgot to include hsFLP.
  • Got line with following genotype to create correct control.
    • [hsFLP122; Sp/Cyo] - Does not express Cyo trait.
    • Will cross to [ Fm7AG/Y ; Sc/CyoAg ] and select progeny that express Fm7 Bar eyes and Curly wings.
  • Collected males and virgin females to set up more experimental crosses:
    • [MH107,hsFLP/Fm7Ag ; mRFP, myb+, FRT42D/CyoAg ] x [ Fm7AG/Y ; FRT42D/CyoAg ]

FRT/RFP Recombination

  • Nothing done today

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