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Procedure was this experiment was similar to the experiment done on the 31th of August. Minor changes were made. After repeating the same procedure with same buffer, the experiment was repeated by using water solution for the buffer.1 mL of 25 mM choloroauric acid and 1 ml of 15uM BSA and 8 ml of water was added together. 0.25 mM of HAuCl4 and 1.5 uM of BSA in 8 mL of water or buffer was the final concentration of the solution.


At the beginning of the reaction, the solution was colorless. At the end of the 30 minutes, the test tube with the buffer was cloudy and had particles floating in it.However the solution with water was clear. At the end of the 60 minute, the test tube with the water had golden particles with clear ball shape floating in the solution. At the end of the 90 minutes the golden particles turned into purple.






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