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-By using 1.46mg/ml of BSA, 3 ml stock solution of 14.6 ug/ml BSA in water was prepared.

-1ml of standard solution with concentrations of 0,1,2,4,6,8,and 10 were prepared by using the stock solution.

-200ul of Bradford reagent was added into each solution for the protein assay.

-By using 1 ul of MBP, 200ul of Bradford solution and 800ul of water, an unknown MBA protein sample was prepared.

-Each solution was placed into a placed into disposable cuvvete for UV-vis




The calculations showed that the point was not an outlier.The intercept should be at the origin however this grapgh didnt pass trough the origin.The concentration calculated was 0.186 mg/mL and the concentration of the stock solution of MBP protein was 0.186 g/mL.


The graph shows the relationship between the molar absorptivity of MBP and wavelength. Molar absorptivity decreases when wavelength increases. The highest molar absorptivity was obtained when the wavelength was at 200 nm and lowest molar absorptivity obtained when wavelength was 800 nm.


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