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Determining the concentration of Au+3 left unreacted in solution in the fiber solution synthesized on 02/29/12 using electrochemistry.


-Make the following dilutions of chloroauric acid:

--5.00 mM

--1.00 mM

--500 μM

--100 μM

--50.0 μM

--10.0 μM

--5.00 μM

--1.00 μM

--500 nM

--100 nM

-Add 0.5 mL of 0.5 M KNO3 to each solution.

-Run cyclic voltammetry using platinum electrodes as both working and reference electrodes.

-Run cyclic voltammetry on fiber solution synthesized on 02/29/12.

-Run cyclic voltammetry on AuNP solution synthesized on 02/09/12.


Figure 1: Current vs. applied potential for Pt electrodes Image:Current_vs_applied_potential_3-21-12.png

Figure 2: Peak current vs. concentration of Au+3:


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