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Part 1: Cross-linking of porphyrin films (prepared on 10/10/2012)

  • 100 ml of gluteraldehyde solution was heated until temperature reaches to 70C.
  • Add porphyrin film to the gluteraldehyde solution for an hour.
  • Heat HCL solution until temperature reaches to 70C.
  • At the end of an hour, rinse the porphyrin film with water and placed in into the 100ml 1 % HCl solution for half an hour.
  • At the end of the half an hour, rinse the film with water and place it in to a 0.2 M of Sodium bicarbonate solution.
  • Save both HCL solution and gluteraldehyde fixed solution for further analysis.

Part 2: Remaking CuSo4 standards

  • Dilution 1: 20ppm
  • Dilution 2: 10ppm
  • Dilution 3: 5ppm
  • Dilution 4: 2.5ppm
  • Dilution 5: 1.5ppm

Part 3: UV-Vis of filtrate solutions

Part 4: UV-Vis of CuSo4 standards


  • Part 2: There was a little bit of green color leakage to the gluteraldehyde fixed solution form the porphyrin film.

Results for part 3 and 4


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