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Part 1 : Prepare dilutions of 50micM H2SO4 and 50micM FeSO4 (HPLC WATER IS USED)

FeSO4 99wt%

  • FW: 278.01 g/ml
  • 50x 10^(-3) mol/L x 278.01g/mol x 10 ml x 1L/1000mL x 9.9= 0.138g in 10mL of water.


Part 2: UV-Vis of 5 acid/salt dilution with a concentration of 50micM (prepared on 24/10/2012 and today) and 5 micM porphyrin

  • 1ml of 5micM of porphyrin and 1ml of 50micM of salt/acid was combined together to do UV-Vis measurements.


UV-Vis results


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