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Engineering Metalloproteins for Carbon Reduction: An Honors Capstone Project

  • As part of my senior Honors Capstone, I will be performing research with American University's Chemistry Department under the tutelage of Dr. Matt Hartings. This project synthesizes two outcomes in order develop carbon-reducing technologies:
  • The first of these efforts is to isolate the metal protoporphyrin inside the protein hemoglobin, and to investigate the UV spectra of these hemes. The metals used for this experiment are iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, and nickel.
  • The second of these efforts is to determine the reductive properties of these hemes to serve as a model for the metals' reductive potentials for carbon dioxide.

While this project will be taking part in a chemistry lab, as an Environmental Studies student, I will also be exploring carbon dioxide-capturing technologies as part of this Capstone project.


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