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Scott P. Tarone (an artistic interpretation)
Scott P. Tarone (an artistic interpretation)

I am an independent researcher, self-taught in the biosciences with a focus on Immunology and Targeted Cancer Therapies. I proposed a targeted cancer therapeutic in a paper that was published in Drug Discovery Today.(

Currently I am teaching myself computational chemistry; specifically protein and small molecule therapeutic design.


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Research interests

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Intracellular Caspase-Modulating Chimeric Antigen Receptor

  • Intracellular agent targets mutant proteins and induces apoptosis.
  • Chimera with a targeting domain, a molecular switch and a pro-apoptotic effector.
  • A constitutively active caspase-3 mutant (V266E), efficient at low concentrations.
  • Engineered mAb or zinc finger targeting tumor-specific mutations.
  • Inteins provide flexible platform for control of protein function.

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