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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!


Contact Info

Stephany Y. Tzeng (an artistic interpretation)
Stephany Y. Tzeng (an artistic interpretation)

Smith Building 5001 F
400 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21287


  • PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins University
  • 2009, BS, Yale University

Research interests

  1. Drug delivery
  2. Polymer properties
  3. Cancer therapy


1. Tzeng, Guerrero-Cazares, Martinez, Sunshine, Quinones-Hinojosa, and Green. Biomaterials 32(23):5402-10. (2011) pmid=6947258
2. Tzeng, Yang, Grayson, and Green. Int. J. Nanomedicine 6(1):3309-22. (2011) pmid=13718526

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