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Old notes

Capping hairpin 2

Steve Koch 12:38, 11 August 2009 (EDT): OK, here's a google doc with my notes, and hopefully the same sequence as in the note below:

0ARLNnjMk2r_qZGdxamtoNnBfMTE0ZDlmeDhjZjMView/Edit Document

Capping hairpin

Here is the hairpin I used in grad school:

Unbiotinylated end-cap, HindIII

Name = P16-Cap-HindIII(incorrect!!!!)
Purification = HPLC
Modifications = 5’ phosphate for ligation

I think you should:

  • Check with m-fold that it's a hairpin
  • replace the 3 or 4 base sticky end with 3 or 4 based for SapI that you have
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