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Make a labeled cysteine fluorophore.==Description==


5mg 5-iodoacetamido fluorescein, 19.6μL 118mg/mL cysteine, and 35mM Tris, pH 7.5 were placed in a 50mL Falcon tube.

Cystein to fluroscein 5mg fluroscein (?) 1.17mg cyesteine 1:1

in 35mL buffer 50mM Tris ph 7.5

Absorbance of 20X dilute at 490= 1.144 Molar absobtivity= 42,000 1st paper

5.45*10^-4 concentration

2.77*10^-4 mol/L if we had used 5mg

1.907mol fluroscein = 9.8mg

2.31mg cysteine add 1.14 more

stock solution 118mg/mL = 9.6microliters

added another 9.6microliters for a total 19.6microliters of stock cysteine


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