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OCT 24-UV light

Objective and notes from Michael's Notebook


  • To prepare packed columns
  • To perform column chromatography on BPA solutions from [User:Michael_S._Bible/Notebook/581/2014/10/22| Oct. 22]

Preparation of packed column

  • Place glass wool on bottom of column (we are using 50 mL syringes as columns)
  • Cover with a layer of sand
  • Add silica packing material prepared by dissolving 10 g of silica in methanol
  • Allow to settle
  • Rinse with water to remove methanol

Analysis of 10.4 ppm BPA stock solution

  • Added 10 mL of BPA solution to the column
  • Added 10 mL water to the column
  • Added 30 mL of methanol to the column
  • Collected eluted liquid at 5 mL intervals
  • Spotted on TLC plate, and using UV light, checked for fluorescence.


None of the spots glowed when dried and placed under a UV light. It is likely that the solution was not concentrated enough to show up under UV light. A new method for determining the concentration of BPA must, therefore, be devised.

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