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March 4 - New nail adhesive strength study

Image:nails ats2.jpg

  • Figure 1. Shows the set up of the modified adhesive strength study. We are hoping that the smaller surface area and longer nail length will lead to usable data.
  • All of the nails are steel, two are cured with epoxy coating, and two are cured with epoxy and TiO2 coating.

Thermal energy study with epoxy and TiO2

Image:epoxy tio2 tes.jpg

  • Figure 1. Shows the results of the thermal energy study with the dish coated in epoxy with TiO2
  • The average thickness of the epoxy with TiO2 was 2.03mm

Coatings with JA-230

  • Epoxy weight 6.6917g and JA-230 2.1548g
  • Epoxy weight 6.6257g, JA-230 2.2600g and TiO2 0.8656g

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