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Reconstitute Asc Hb with Nickel

  1. Ni(protoporphyrin IX)solution was added again dropwise (pretty slowly) to the apoprotein (while gently stirring).
    • The Ni(protoporphyrin IX)solution was prepared yesterday by dissolving 2mg of Ni(protoporphyrin IX) in 10 drops of 0.1N NaOH, and then adding 4.5mL of dH2O. 2mL of 0.1M Potassium Phosphate buffer (pH 7.1) was added to this solution. The solution was mixed on a stir plate.
  2. The beaker with the apoprotein/Ni(protoporphyrin IX) mixture was wrapped in aluminum foil and left to gently stir in the cold room for 12 hours.
  3. 12 hours later the stir plate was turned off so the apoprotein/Ni(protoporphyrin IX) mixture could sit undisturbed overnight.

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