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Weekly Rulon Meeting

Student progress

  • Robert has PCRed and geled - got product! But messy. His new goal is to clean it all up - both PCR and gel
  • Samantha has also started - rehydrated primer Friday, diluted primer and PCRed Monday
  • John started today - rehydrated primer today
  • Jess will start primer rehydration this Friday with me
  • Sophia and Megan have been told to contact Rulon for Thursday training

Student Primer Assignments

  • Samantha = Scun3
  • John = Scun6
  • Robert = Scun9
  • Sophia = Scun10
  • Jess = Scun11
  • Megan = Scun14

Student Goals

  • clean PCR, clean gel
  • genotype mass extracted individuals (SCOC SYR9 X04 and SCOC TPIII X06), look for clean peaks, call-ability
  • wait for full plates' worth (wait for other students)
  • genotype 8-12 individuals from different sites, look for polymorphism
  • genotype everyone, enter data

Student Policies

  • reiterate that students must complete their lab hours!
  • since students will be keeping lab notebook anyway, that will be their time card, too (state date and time of lab work)
  • email students to let them know the law of the land:
  • weekly meetings are mandatory
  • commitment to lab time is mandatory
  • failure to meet these minimums will have an impact on grades

What Tara does next

  • get Scun2 and Scun22 genotyped
  • start with genotyping mass extracted to optimize for pretty
  • then panel of 8-12 samples from different sites to check for polymorphism
  • so, order some labelled oligos for Scun2 and Scun22

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