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Things to Look Into (from Rulon's guest lecture)

  • FSTAT (FST) and DOH (DLR)
  • satellite maps for roads
  • topo maps for landscape features (ARCGIS)

Rulon Meeting

  • make a 'to get' list
based on what we have in-house
how many more of which species from which sites
  • focus on SCOC and PEMA for my Master's  :(
  • For summer field work, focus on PEMA since already have lots of SCOCs
small mammal traps
bait = oats and peanut butter rolled up in paper towel
loose grid-like set-up around array
schedule array openings (around USGS' schedule)
  • Monday/Tuesday, April 18-19
find arrays
set mammal traps at ≥ 1 array (for comfort of field work)
collection: ear clip + hair snip (isotope)

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