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Meeting with Rulon

Proposal Stuff

  • for life history trait section:
comprehensive summary from behavior and ecology
species dispersal distance, home range size, generation time (long-lived) (and connection to recent barrier)
check Herpetological Review
another database to search: BIOSIS (in addition to Web of Science)
  • for methods section:
GenePop - He, Ho
STRUCTURE - within county between sites, within sites across roads

CNHY Ai5033


CNHY Ai5013


Pour Load Run
270 mL 1x TAE + 5.4 g agarose 2 µL gel load dye + 4 µL PCR product 160 V
27 µL GelRed 6 µL ladder 45 minutes

  • favorable conditions indicated by Image:greenhappyface.png

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