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Structure Analysis of AXRJ


  • subsample of Sceloporus samples from throughout county
  • scored 1st and 2nd pass
  • removed samples with marker dropouts
  • left with 74 samples: Scoring_20111103_AXRJ.xlsx

Structure - county-wide

  • ran 7 runs each of K=1, K=2, K=3, K=4, K=5
  • the most likely K is that which has the most positive LnP(D) value
    • paste K and LnP(D) rows into SYSTAT and make line graph:
  • Bar Plot for K=1
Image:20111130 StructureBarPlot.jpg

Structure - within site


  • ran 4 runs each of K=1, K=2, K=3


  • ran 4 runs each of K=1, K=2, K=3


  • with existing data (74 samples county-wide, 19 samples in RAJ/HOL, 16 samples in SYR), no population genetic structure ... panmictic

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