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RNAse H genes; Genomic DNA prep for Illumina sequencing

Kochiwa07 reports on the variety of RNAse H genes in bacterial species. He finds three major categories, RNAseH-I, RNAseH-II, and RNAse-III. MF has RNAseH-I and RNAse-II, but the -I has additional domain dsRHbd (double stranded RNA helix binding domain). The genes in MF for these two are:

  • -I (with dsRHbd) is Mfl475, and is apparently essential
  • -III is Mfl537, and has been knocked out several times.

Made new 1161 plates - no antibiotic

Choose GF1, W20, Me. entomophilum strain as the ones for next gen sequencing.

Prepare seed cultures of L1, GF1, PP1, W12, M. entomophilum

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