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Resequencing L1, PP, GF, W12

  • Growth after 24 hours showed differences in colony diameter
    • L1: 6-7 divisions about 100 microns
    • PP: 4-5 divisions about 75 microns
    • GF: 2-3 divisions about 40 microns
    • W12: no visible colonies, possible contamination with yeasts
    • sterile control shows no growth

  • Scale is 16.5 microns/division

  • pick single colonies of L1, PP, GF into two 10 ml cultures
  • Streak out 3/25/09 culture of W12


  • M. pneumoniae phosphatase mpn248 is required for tip assembly, PMID
  • M. florum has genes mfl220 and mfl221 homologous to mpn247 and mpn248
  • M. florum genes are dispensable

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