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Magnetic Nanoparticles

In lab, the PIs brainstormed different possible experimental topics. Some of the experiemtns that were discussed were:

  • Determining a mechanism to form fibers for the enzymes that didn't form fibers last semester in Chem- 571
  • Which metal reacts (forms fibers) with HRP (Au, Ag, Fe, Zn)?

The expt. that was decided upon was making magnetic fibers and seeing if other fibers attach to it. In order to perform this expt., we researched:

  • The preparation of magnetic nanoparticles
  • How magnetism is tested
  • Magnetic np carriers
  • What type of expts. are used with making magnetic nanoparticles (methods, materials, applications, etc.)

It was finalized that

  • The magnetic nanoparticles would be made with gold and iron oxide
  • The fibers will be created with the proteins BSA and hemoglobin

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