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Millikan Oil Drop Data Record

Step 1 Set up equipment

  • Required equipment
    • Millikan oil drop platform (MODP)
    • 500V voltage source
    • Multimeter
    • Oil atomizer
    • stopwatch
  • First, level the MODP using the on-board level
  • Second, the MODP comes equipped a test wire to test the objective for proper focusing, use the test wire to focus the halogen light and the objective.
  • Third, plug in the inactive voltage source. Turn it on and adjust it to 500V.
  • Fourth, use the multimeter to test the thermistor (on the MODP) to determine the temperature in the oil drop environment.
    • Risistance 2.177 mΩ at 3:24PM corresponding to ~22°C

  • From here, for both days of lab, I conducted the gathering of all measurements, while my lab partner, Dan Wilkinson, recored the data. Refer to Dan's data [1].
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