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*Wayne G. Shreffler 16:29, 26 June 2009 (EDT):

Research Overview

  • Reviewed Caitlin's src family inhibition data -- both experiments do demonstrate that the inhibitors block CD63 and can be washed out
    • first experiment does not support hypothesis that src inhibition blocks anergy -- however, response is very weak
    • second experiment inconclusive as there is some 'carry over' activation from stim 1 -- will extend time between stim 1 and 2 to 30 min
  • Carl has separated HMW and LMW components of fraction 5, now dialyzing for BR to use in DC stimulation
  • Steven and Neisha confirmed good transfection efficiency with the GFP control plasmid
    • Plan next week is to try to confirm TCR expression on Jurkat lines with new antibody and
  • I don't know what Alex did this week -- anti-IgE activation, or not?
  • All had lunch together for Steven's birthday at Joy Burger

Completed 'to do's'

  • completed mgh proposals
  • draft of baseline CoFAR paper

To do:

  • R03 progress reports
  • Peds review
  • contact Alkis re: ICATA
  • review Duke basophil samples with Caitlin
  • JAX IRB docs

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