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AKAP250 (scbt) immunoblot AKAP250 Co-IP Main project page
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  • Washing the AKAP250 CO-IP Blot and adding secondary antibody
  • Adding AKAP250 antibody ZDE10030 animal 122 antibody (Eurogentech antibody service) to cAMP precipitation blot blocked in blocking buffer + 1 μL/mL Azide (20%stock)


  • Immunoblot for AKAP250 on AKAP250 co-ip western blot


  • Same as yesterday for the cAMP precipitation, can not really see any Gravin signals. Maybe very faint in S2
  • Perhaps due to its aiming at the C-terminal the santa cruz C-16 antibody can not detect the protolytic fragment that might be seen on the ponceau of this membrane

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