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  • AYB AYB is a base caller for the Illumina GA II platform, (21 May 2009, Initial release). No publication yet (Dec 2009).
    • language: R with C helper functions
    • Installation OK, but requires editing config files ( location of /usr/lib64/R and location of final install directory)
    • to run: [-nc=45] -prefix2=output_dir -prefix3=intensity_dir tile=tile_prefix [-compression=gzip] [-matrix=/path/to/matrix.txt] [-mpi=5] [-I] [-niter=5] [-paired] [-saveR] [-tol=1e-5]
        compression: Gzip, bzip2 or none. "gzip" intensity files are *_int.txt.gz, "bzip2" intensities files are *_int.txt.bz2, "none" *_int.txt (default "none").
        I: Read intensities in IPAR format (number of cycles must be given).
        matrix: Use a predetermined phasing matrix (e.g. that estimated by the Illumina pipeline). Switches off cross-talk estimation, faster but may give worse results (optional).
        mpi: Use MPI to run on multi-processors. Option is number of processors, otherwise number available on computer (optional).
        nc: Number of cycles to analyse; should be less than or equal to number of cycles in the intensity file (no default, required for IPAR).
        niter: Number of full tolerance iterations to do (default 5).
        paired: Treat read as paired-end, split into two reads of length nc/2. (optional).
        prefix2: Path to directory in which output files are created (default "").
        prefix3: Path to directory from which intensities file is read (default "").
        saveR: Save final R data structures to tile.RData (optional).
        tile: Prefix of tile, e.g. s_1_0015. Filenames are automatically completed, so -tile=s_1 does all of lane 1, -tile=s_1_00 does the first 99 tiles (no default, required).
        tol: Tolerance for iterations (default 1e-5).

    • current version: 0.3 (naive) bayesCall (speedup)
    • W. C Kao, K. Stevens, and Y. S Song, “BayesCall: A model-based base-calling algorithm for high-throughput short-read sequencing,” Genome Research 19, no. 10 (2009): 1884.
    • requirements:

    • requirements (packages):
      • gsl gsl-dev, libtiff libtiff-dev, fftw3 fftw3-dev
    • input: image data
    • output: base calls (format?)
    • installation
    • installation
R CMD INSTALL mclust_3.3.2.tar.gz 
R CMD INSTALL fork_1.2.2.tar.gz 
R CMD INSTALL Rolexa_1.2.0.tar.gz 
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