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Hello, Louis Drounau! This is a welcome message from OpenWetWare. By the way, we've announced you on the home page! You can leave messages to any OWW member by editing their User_talk pages like this one. And don't forget to personalize your User Page so that we can get to know you better! We've included some tips below to get you started.


Basic Wiki Instructions

  • Don't be afraid to edit! As with all pages on the wiki, all versions are saved so its easy to undo. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.
  1. Start off by clicking the 'edit' button to the right of this section, or at the top of the page.
  2. Now you should see the text of this section as text within an editor box. There are several buttons in the editor box, but don't worry about those for now. Just type something in the box, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the 'Preview' button.
  3. You should see the web-page and text box views, but now with your edits! Don't forget to save your changes by clicking 'Save Page'!
  4. Editing pages is as easy as that. There are of course many ways to format your text. The easiest way to learn is to find an OWW page with the formatting you like, click on the edit button again, and see for yourself how it was created in the text box. Here's an extensive list of formating examples. Or look at this OpenWetWare introductory tutorial.
  5. When you are done, remove these instructions by clicking the edit button for this section again, erase everything you see in the text box and click 'Save Page'. (And remember you can always retrieve these by clicking on the 'history' tab at the top of this page.)

Note that these instructions apply to any page on OWW. Feel free to contribute to OWW by editing pages to add content, update them, or even correct mistakes. OWW relies on an active community to manage our growing resource of open access information, and we need your help!

Personal/Lab Info

We have gone ahead and filled in some information you provided us in your membership application on your User Page. Please take a moment to embellish this and tell the community a little more about you. Put links to your lab pages, your projects and your interests. If you run out of ideas, take a look at some of the other User pages. For example, check out User:Julius_B._Lucks, User:Jason_R._Kelly and User:Reshma_P._Shetty.

You'll also notice that we have put an 'image' placeholder at the top of your User Page. We encourage you to upload an image of yourself to give OWW a more personal feel. To upload an image, click on the Upload file link on the left-hand side (toolbar). Choose a file from your computer, and remember the file name. After you have uploaded the image, you should see it loaded on its own page. Go back to your User Page, click on edit, and replace 'OWWEmblem.png' with the name of your file that you have uploaded in the second line of this page.

Latex glossaries

Salut Louis,

Welcome to OWW. I put some notes regarding your question here: Talk:LaTeX template for PhD thesis. If you do find a different solution, please share it with us.

Best, Jakob Suckale 05:56, 14 April 2009 (EDT)

Latex page numbers

Hi again,

To be honest, I never took the time to correct that little page number glitch. If you manage to correct this mistake, why don't you update the Latex page with you new version. In this way, we continuously improve the template.

Best, Jakob Suckale 12:54, 29 April 2009 (EDT)

Chinese in PhD template

Hi Louis, you asked about Chinese in Latex. Sorry, no idea. I would ask at on of the latex forums. Jakob 12:46, 27 April 2010 (EDT)

If you do find a way, please share your knowledge or your template. Good luck with the writing. Jakob 12:58, 27 April 2010 (EDT)

Accents in Latex template

You wrote: Hey Jakob. Another year, another thesis and apparently I just can't do without this template! Now, I've found a new dilemma for you: I'm asked to write in French this time and I need to make a few adjustments to the template. In the chapters, I'm keeping it easy by write \'e instead of é, for example, and it works fine. But I also need to change the structure, words like "glossary" or parts like "a thesis submitted...". I found where to do that (PhDthesisPSnPDF.cls) but as soon as I get an accent in there, the whole thing stops working. Any thoughts? Louis

  • I'm sorry I don't. If I were in your situation I would post for help in the LaTeX forums where the real geeks are to be found, not some light weight, somewhat expert users like me. If you do find out how to do this other non-English users would surely appreciate you sharing your solution. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help. --- JS 09:12, 22 September 2011 (EDT)
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