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"IHDTrial-Volunteer - Manipulation Front Survey" Changes

  • Text added to the front of the filter question: "Before you begin, please answer the following question to see if you're eligible to participate in this study."
    • Do you pay for your own electricity bill? (Yes / No)
  • Moved introduction text before the recruitment letter text
  • Added question: "Once you've completed this survey you will receive payment. However, we'd also like feedback on the survey. Please help us by filling out the questionnaire, at the end, about your experience with the survey. (I will help out / No thanks) *Forced response
  • Replaced older versions of the recruitment letter
  • Added recruitment letter v5
  • Removed question: "Who is primarily responsible for paying your monthly electricity bill?"
  • Removed "How many adults live in your home?" & "How many children live in your home?"
  • Added "What is your 5 digit zip code?" *Validation: US Postal Code
    • Based on today's IP search it is likely that people who have gamed MTurk's regional filter can game this Qualtric's validation easily. They can just enter any random US zip code and be allowed to continue with this question.
  • Q16 Removed: "My household uses more electricity", Added: "I recycle more consistently than my neighbor"
  • Q577 Removed: "Saving Money", "More reliable service", and "Providing more electricity choices"
  • Q726 Removed: "Humans have the right to modify the natural environment to suit their needs", "Mankind was created to rule over the rest of nature"
  • Removed Q578 "To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?"
  • Removed Q36 "Have you ever contacted your electricity company about any of the following: (Please check all that apply)
  • Q758 Added "How much do you trust the following groups to act in your best interest?" -- The federal government, your local government, scientists, non-governmental scientists, your utility company, your community. (1 = Not at all, 2 = Somewhat, 3 = Moderately, 4 = A lot, 5 = Extremely)

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