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Lab meetings are weekly, Thurs 10am, in Guyot M151. Please sign up for a 20-min presentation either of your own material or of a paper you finding interesting!

Date Presenter Topic
10 July 2014 Linda Rutledge (Trent University)
17 July 2014 Rachelle Transposons and methylation in dogs and wolves
24 July 2014 Ilana (BVH may be late) Past doctoral work: Behavioral transcriptomics and guppies
14 August 2014 Kerry Canid admixture and MSG
11 September 2014 Karlos Genetics and Disease modeling of YNP wolves
18 September 2014 Ryan
25 September 2014 Elizabeth
2 October 2014 Journal Club EWAsher (I will send paper around)
9 October 2014 Journal Club GEMMA (I will send paper around)

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