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Sample Containing R2 percentage
A Mock (- control) 0.00
B EGFP (+ control) 67.94
C Δ5 only (- control) 0.00
D Δ3 only (- control) 0.00
Sample Containing R2 percentage
E1 Δ5 and Δ3 4.15
E2 Δ5 and Δ3 2.91
E3 Δ5 and Δ3 0.00*
F1 Δ5 and cut Δ3 7.90
F2 Δ5 and cut Δ3 6.20
F3 Δ5 and cut Δ3 5.62
G1 Δ5 and excess Δ3 1.48
G2 Δ5 and excess Δ3 1.00
G3 Δ5 and excess Δ3 1.02
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