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  • Yeo lab welcomes Hassan Tamam from Assiut University. He joins the lab as a visiting scholar. (7/5/16)
  • Dr. Bo Sun leaves Purdue and embarks on a new career at Johns Hopkins as a post-doctoral associate. Yeo lab wishes him a good luck! (6/30/16)
  • Sheryhan Ahmed and Marwa Elnaggar join the lab as visiting scholars. Welcome aboard! (Jan. 2016)
  • Dr. Yuanfen Liu returns to China after a year of visiting scholarship. Good luck with your future endeavor! (1/9/16)
  • Dr. Sara Abouelmagd returns to Egypt after productive 4 years. We wish you lots of luck for your future career and will dearly miss you! (12/20/15)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Andrew Yuk (IPPH), new graduate student. (10/7/15)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Fanfei Meng from China Pharmaceutical University and Ning Han from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. Fanfei and Ning will do part of their thesis study in the Yeo Lab as visiting scholars (9/3/15).
  • Yeo lab welcomes Aprameya Ganesh from National Institute of Technology-Karnataka, India. Aprameya is a winner of S. N. Bose Scholars Program and works with Jinho for the summer (5/18/15).
  • Dr. Hannah Lee returns to Korea. Good luck with your future endeavor! (3/5/15)
  • Yeo lab welcomes a new graduate student Maie Taha (IPPH) from Cairo, Egypt. Welcome aboard! (1/14/15)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Dr. Yuanfen Liu (Luanne), new visiting scholar (12/26/2014).
  • Yeo lab welcomes new post-docs Drs. Jinho Park (4/15/14) and Bieong-kil (Ben) Kim (6/1/14) on board!
  • Yeo lab welcomes two new graduate students - Jun Xu (PULSe) and Joonyoung Park (IPPH). Welcome aboard, Jun and Joon!
  • Dr. Karen Liu graduates (5/18/14)...congratulations! She joins Fresenius-Kabi as a senior research scientist (5/19/14).
  • Dr. Kevin Doh returns to Korea after 2 years at Purdue. We miss you...Let's keep in touch! (1/28/14)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Yihua Pei, our new graduate student. Welcome aboard! (10/10/13)
  • Dr. Hillary Holback leaves the group after successful completion of her Ph.D. degree. We wish you a good luck in the future endeavor! (May 2013)
  • Dr. Eunjung Cho returns to Korea with a good memory of the lab and friends. Check out her tribute to the Lab and leave a farewell message! We will miss you a lot, EJ! (2/27/13)
  • Dr. Hannah Lee joins Dr. Kinam Park's lab as a post-doc. Congrats, and Good luck! (2/13/13)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Hyesun Hyun, our new graduate student. (10/19/12)
  • Our alumni start at new positions! Dr. Gullotti at Merck, Dr. Ibrahim at Fresenius-Kabi North America, and Dr. Amoozgar soon to be at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.
  • Dr. Hae Yun (Harrison) Choi returns to Korea after a year of sabbatical leave spent at Purdue. Good bye, Dr. Choi! We will have Angus burgers whenever we miss you :) (7/31/12)
  • Drs. Emily Gullotti and Basma Ibrahim leave the group after successful completion of their Ph.D. degrees. (May 2012)
  • Dr. Kyung Oh (Kevin) Doh joins the group as a visiting scholar. Welcome! (3/1/12)
  • Bo Sun (Oct. 2011), Dr. Jinhyun (Hannah) Lee (Jan. 2012), and Sara Abouelmagd (Jan. 2012) join the group. Welcome aboard!
  • Dr. Zohreh Amoozgar returned to Iran after successful completion of a Ph.D. degree. Good luck! (Dec. 2011)

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