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  • Yeo lab welcomes Aprameya Ganesh from National Institute of Technology-Karnataka, India. Aprameya is a winner of S. N. Bose Scholars Program and works with Jinho for the summer (5/18/15).
  • Dr. Hannah Lee returns to Korea. Good luck with your future endeavor! (3/5/15)
  • Yeo lab welcomes a new graduate student Maie Taha (IPPH) from Cairo, Egypt. Welcome aboard! (1/14/15)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Dr. Yuanfen Liu (Luanne), new visiting scholar (12/26/2014).
  • Yeo lab welcomes new post-docs Drs. Jinho Park (4/15/14) and Bieong-kil (Ben) Kim (6/1/14) on board!
  • Yeo lab welcomes two new graduate students - Jun Xu (PULSe) and Joonyoung Park (IPPH). Welcome aboard, Jun and Joon!
  • Dr. Karen Liu graduates (5/18/14)...congratulations! She joins Fresenius-Kabi as a senior research scientist (5/19/14).
  • Dr. Kevin Doh returns to Korea after 2 years at Purdue. We miss you...Let's keep in touch! (1/28/14)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Yihua Pei, our new graduate student. Welcome aboard! (10/10/13)
  • Dr. Hillary Holback leaves the group after successful completion of her Ph.D. degree. We wish you a good luck in the future endeavor! (May 2013)
  • Dr. Eunjung Cho returns to Korea with a good memory of the lab and friends. Check out her tribute to the Lab and leave a farewell message! We will miss you a lot, EJ! (2/27/13)
  • Dr. Hannah Lee joins Dr. Kinam Park's lab as a post-doc. Congrats, and Good luck! (2/13/13)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Hyesun Hyun, our new graduate student. (10/19/12)
  • Our alumni start at new positions! Dr. Gullotti at Merck, Dr. Ibrahim at Fresenius-Kabi North America, and Dr. Amoozgar soon to be at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.
  • Dr. Hae Yun (Harrison) Choi returns to Korea after a year of sabbatical leave spent at Purdue. Good bye, Dr. Choi! We will have Angus burgers whenever we miss you :) (7/31/12)
  • Drs. Emily Gullotti and Basma Ibrahim leave the group after successful completion of their Ph.D. degrees. (May 2012)
  • Dr. Kyung Oh (Kevin) Doh joins the group as a visiting scholar. Welcome! (3/1/12)
  • Bo Sun (Oct. 2011), Dr. Jinhyun (Hannah) Lee (Jan. 2012), and Sara Abouelmagd (Jan. 2012) join the group. Welcome aboard!
  • Dr. Zohreh Amoozgar returned to Iran after successful completion of a Ph.D. degree. Good luck! (Dec. 2011)

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