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Ran gel of GG PCR from yesterday

NumberTemplatePrimer 1Primer 2Expected sizePresentExtra bands
1I13522 73.4P060P0623136 X
2I13522 73.4PxP0843136 X X
3I13522 73.4PyPz90X
4I13522 73.4P060P0623136
5I13522 2PxP0843136 X X
6I13522 2PyPz90 X
7I13522 73.4P060P0623136
8I13522 3PxP0843136 X
9I13522 3PyPz90 X
10K145254 4P063P064679 X
11K145254 7/24/13P063P064679X
12F2620+GFP 7/24/13P065P066817 X X
13F2620+GFP 7/24/13P067P06856X X
14K084007 7/24/13P069P070645 X
15K082035 36P075P076703 X X
16K092900-E0420 80.5P077P078765
17K092900-E0420 80.5P079P08056 X
18Part B1P081P082980 X
19Part B2P081P082980 X
20Part B3P081P082980 X
21PSB1C3 (1)P083P0843000 X
22PSB1C3 (2)P083P0843000 X
23I13522 2P060P0623136 X
24I13522 3P060P0623136 X

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