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<a href="">What's an OpenWetWare notebook?</a>
<a href="">What's an OpenWetWare Lab Notebook?</a>

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Notebook Type:
Select the type of notebook to be created.
IGEM: Create a notebook used to support an IGEM project
User: Create a notebook which will be rooted in your user page
Lab: Create a notebook for your lab
What's an OpenWetWare Lab Notebook?
Project Name:
Enter the name of the project this notebook is being created for. All notebooks must have a project name
Please enter the name of your IGEM Team. If your team has not been registered, do so before creating a notebook
Lab Name:
Please enter the name of your Lab. If your Lab's main pages has not been created, do so before creating a notebook
Page Name:
This is the full OWW page of the notebook to be created.

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