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Agarose gel electrophorosis for extraced DNA sample

On Tuesday, we completed DNA extraction process. We also ran 0.8% Agarose gel to quantify the DNA that we extracted. We ran 12 samples ( 6 undigested and 6 EcoRI digested) on the gel. Due to some technical problem we couldn't see the bands under UV the same day. So, we rapped our gel into a air tight plastic bag and stored it at 4 degree C. On Wednesday, morning we saw the gel under UV. Out of 12 6 samples gave good bands.DNA 3 undigested didn't showed any bands however, its digested sample showed good bands. So, we decided to run Sample 3 into the gel one more time in our next lab. Also, we decided to mix sample DNA 1 and DNA 5 because they both gave similar intensities.

On Thursday,we had to attend a workshop so we didn't do any lab.

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