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Before starting, make sure you have an MIT Certificate on the machine you are using.

Training Needs Assessment

  1. Go to the MIT EHS Training Homepage
  2. Select I need to complete the Training Needs Assessment and hit Submit.
  3. On EHS Training Needs Assessment Step 1
    • Verify the information from your certificate is correct.
      • If correct - proceed to next page by selecting Continue.
      • If incorrect - follow the directions on the page to correct info.
  4. EHS Training Needs Assessment Step - Set your Principal Investigator or Supervisor
    • Under A, select Eric Alm from the list of faculty.
    • Select Update PI/Supervisor
    • Select Continue.
  5. EHS Training Needs Assessment Step 3 - Check your activities that have training implications
    • To prevent you from reading the entire list, check/select the following two (and only those two) items from the list you see:
      • In Potential Activities Based on Your PI/Supervisor Affiliations
        • Select item 1 , which says: Use potentially hazardous chemicals in a laboratory (this includes even common chemicals such as oil, solvents, paints, alcohol, acetone, etc). This option is also the first item listed in Group 1 - Chemical Safety.
        • Select item 2, which says: Use Biological materials requiring BL1 or BL2 containment, or use recombinant DNA/RNA requiring BL1 or BL2 containment. This option is also the first item listed in Group 2S - Biological Safety and and Bloodborne Pathogens.
        • If and only if you know you will definitely be working with Radioactivity, then also select item 3 which says: Use radioactive materials. Otherwise omit this step. This option is also the first item listed in Group 3 - Ionizing Radiation Sources: Radioactive Materials;Radiation Producing Equipment.
    • Select Confirm activities and continue
  6. Summary Page
    • Verify the information at the top of the page is correct.
    • When you scroll down you will see the list of training requirements you need to fulfill including Classroom Training and Web Training.
    • To see a summary of training needed and completed at any time, visit My EHS Training—Summary Page.

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