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Lab Number 2: Using Statistics to measure and analyze data

Results for effect of drug on RATS:

Results of drug on HUMANS
' ' ' '
DosageAverageStandard DeviationStandard Error
Dosage Average Standard Deviation Standard Error
0 mg3.8341.4448540.456903
5 mg8.9321.5121360.478179
10 mg61.62228.565519.033208
15 mg657.941202.015463.88289

Effect of Inflammotin on HUMAN Subjects.

Effect of Inflammotin on RAT Subjects.

Single Factor ANOVA Test for HUMAN Subjects

SUMMARY ' ' ' '
0 mg1038.343.8342.31956
5 mg1089.328.9322.540617778
10 mg10616.2261.622906.6538844
15 mg106579.41657.94145344.71112

ANOVA ' ' ' ' ' '
Source of VariationSSdfMSFP-valueF crit
Between Groups3027016.69531009005.56587.253601951.40E-162.866265551
Within Groups416306.02673611564.0563

Post HOC T-Test for Human Subjects

Summary: The study and experiments show that as as the amount of LPS was increased in both study subjects, the inflammation levels also increased. In regards to the Rat experimental group, as the dosage was increased from 0 mg to 10 mg, the average inflammation levels in all of the subjects also increased (from an average of 9.24 pg/ml to 11.112 pg/ml). For the human test subject counterparts, similar results concurred with the data received from the rats. As the dosage was slowly increased in humans, from 0 mg to 5 mg to 10 mg and finally to 15 mg, the inflammation levels increased exponentially. Also, our one factor ANOVA test and unpaired t test came up with a value greater than 95%, which means that the data is statistically significant in both studies. Overall, a positive correlation and possible causation of LPS being positively correlated with Inflammation levels in both humans and rats is noticed.
Post-hoc Tests t-test value Corrected p-value to achieve significance Significant?
0mg vs. 5mg8.59631E-070.0167Yes
0mg vs. 10mg9.94377E-060.0167Yes
0mg vs. 15mg1.39436E-080.0167Yes
5mg vs. 10mg3.01859E-050.0167Yes
5mg vs.15mg1.57101E-080.0167Yes
10mg vs. 15mg6.4824E-080.0167Yes
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