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Notes on the McGurk Stimuli

The McGurk-MacDonald effect is an audiovisual illusion. Here are some audiovisual files that can be used to demonstrate the effect. McGurk stimuli consist of an auditory syllable and an incongruent visual syllable that produce the percept of a different syllable (e.g. auditory "ba" + visual "ga" perceived as "da"). Other incongruent stimuli (e.g. auditory "ga" + visual "ba") do not produce the effect. Here is an archive of some the stimuli used in our publications, referenced in Beauchamp:Publications. McGurk and Other Stimuli Archive

Note that some of these files require a particular video codec that is freely available in the VLC player, available from

To see the stimuli on any platform, you may view them on YouTube

  1. Auditory "ba" + Visual "ga" --> AV "da"
  2. Auditory "pa" + Visual "ka" --> AV "ta"

See also Beauchamp:Stimuli for other McGurk YouTube examples.

Unisensory Stimuli

Auditory stimuli

The stimuli were presented with a grey background on the monitor. If you would like to use any of the following stimuli please cite as: Basu Mallick, D., Magnotti, J.F. & Beauchamp, M.S. (2013). Wide variability in McGurk perception across stimuli. Manuscript in preparation.

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