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Experiment: Transform HB101 Strain with pGlo plasmid using ultrasound device


For an XX μL transformation:


Off-the-shelf Ultrasonic Jewellery cleaning box with ~ 1L bath Strains DNA reagent in Dark Glass flat bottom tubes 5 mL with Plastic Caps

Sonicator Essentials:

42 KHz 35 watt peak 20 sq cm transducer area in center of bath Bath filled with tap water at room temperature


  1. In a PCR tube, mix the components on ice in the order they are listed above.
  2. Perform thermocycling program
    1. 95 °C 5 min
    2. 95 °C 30 s
    3. TH 30 s
    4. 72 °C 1 min for each 1 kb PCR product
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 a total of 12-36 times (24 is standard).
    6. 72 °C 5 min
    7. 12 °C hold

Still in progress, above kept for template.

Sonicate each tube for 10 secs at only available setting on Sonicator (on/off)except 2nd control tube with plasmid and Al

  1. Test transform Tube 1 with Al placed in middle of Transducer bump, flat glass bottom down
  2. Test transform Tube 2 without Al placed in middle of Transducer bump same way
  3. Test transform Tube 3 with Al placed in a side of the bath away from transducer
  4. Test transform Tube 4 without Al placed in a side of the bath away from transducer
  5. Control Tube 1 without plasmid and Al placed in middle of transducer bump
  6. Control Tube 2 with plasmid and Al left alone

Post sonication

  1. Add 1 mL LB solution
  2. Incubate at 37C 1 hr on a bath-shaker
    1. Plate LB/AmpC after 1 hour and incubate for a day
    2. Check plates for colony in UV light next day


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