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Multiplexed Sequencing

Multiplexed sequencing is a process of applying a "tag" or "barcode" to samples during sample preparation, allowing umultiple samples to be run in the same lane. The samples are differentiated during the pipeline analysis. This application can be useful when studying samples that need less then 20 million reads per sample by helping to decrease the cost and time of sequencing.

The kit provided by Illumina supplies 12 oligos containing unique barcodes 6nt in length in addition to the standard primers used for sequencing, this kit can be purchased directly from Illumina or through the BioMicro Center for $2,880.00 plus shipping costs. To request an order or for more information please contact Ali Perrotta or visit:

Sample Multiplexing $50 $75 per 10 samples Combined over the whole order. Only applies to samples combined by BMC technicians.
Add'l Repriming $300 $450 per flow cell Uses 6nt. Cost is divided by number of lanes requiring repriming. Repriming is required for standard Illumina multiplexing.

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