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  • We have designed and successfully assembled a 3D RNA origami structure in the form of a octahedron.
  • The assembly of the octahedron was verified and characterized using band shift assays, HPLC, FRET, and SAXS.
  • We have achieved opening of the RNA/DNA hybrid octahedron as a response to the presence of a specific micro RNA, as seen by FRET.
  • We have succeeded in producing small interfering RNAs from the origami structure by designing the RNA octahedron with 3’ overhangs, serving as recognition sites for specific cleavage by Dicer.
  • We achieved knockdown of Renilla Luciferase by transfection of the RNA octahedron with 3’ overhangs into H1299 cells.
  • We have successfully produced an RNA octahedron which can both deliver and release drugs as a response to specific micro RNAs, and act as a drug itself, upon cleavage into siRNA.

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