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    We created the Biomolecular Rocket whose travelling speed exceeds that of kinesin. In addition, the Biomolecular Rocket moved freely without any rail, and we developed a photo-swichable system allowing the directional control.

Future Perspective

    Based on three useful functions described above, the Biomolecular Rocket could explore even in long and rugged fields such as the inside of living organisms. Therefore, the Biomolecular Rocket is expected to be applied for quick delivery of drugs to the aimed position within a human body. Besides, the sphere of the Biomolecular Rocket is not limited to the inside of living organisms. As an example, we imagine an intelligent photo-controllable material, in which a number of Biomolecular Rockets convey their molecular cargos and form a network exhibiting computational functions. We believe that our Biomolecular Rocket is a step toward advanced molecular robots that can implement the task currently far beyond our technology.

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