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team hokudai

team hokudai


The Far Future

〈Final Goal〉

 We aim to invent Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) that can fly like bees in the future. NAV means small artificial flying objects. As shown in the picture, bees have two types of cross-shaped fibers in their muscles. The fibers undergo vertical contraction and horizontal relaxation simultaneously. As a result, the bees can flap so quickly. Now, the key step in the development of the NAV is to develop a small, but powerful actuator. Therefore, if we can make muscle of bees by utilize the shrinkage of microtubules, we would be able to create very small NAV (small bee like device).

〈Practical Use〉

Rescue activity

 NAV is also useful for disaster research. NAV can enter narrow gaps it is possible to collect information changing natural calamities.

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