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Computational Nano/Bio Technology Laboratory

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Lab Intro

The Computational NanoBio Technology Laboratory, led by Dr. Seung Soon Jang, is a part of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We use multi scale modeling techniques to simulate variety of materials and their behavoirs.

Research in nanobio technology is undergoing a paradigm shift. A bottom-up or selfassembly approach is being investigated as an alternative to the current top-down approach. Most significantly, the shift from the exclusive use of lithography for device fabrication opens the field to not only novel fabrication schemes but the incorporation of diverse material systems. Combining organic and inorganic materials into self-assembled nanosystems is a dynamic area of research. Technology coupled with creative thinking offers us the ability to invent and probe at the molecular or atomic level. The development and/or combination of new materials with/without the currently used materials such as silicon holds promise to yield innovative devices with increased functionality that will impact electronic, chemical and biomedical applications.

We are also experiencing that the application of various computational methods to solve physical and chemical problems is accelerated at a prodigious rate and thereby these computational methods have become an essential engineering tool to design material and material processing at molecular level.

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