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Lab Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 09:30am. Every week a different member of the lab presents their project progress.

Lab Meetings:

22/06/2010Niki6th floor 
13/07/2010Phillippos6th floor 
20/07/2010Kalle6th floor 
27/07/2010Francesca6th floor 
03/08/2010Giorgio6th floor 
10/08/2010Silke6th floor 
17/08/2010Francesco6th floor 
07/09/2010Tony6th floor 

Papers presented at past JCs:
Jason,Niki,Hilary,Kalle,Philippos,Luisa,Francesca,Lauren,Lietta,Kalle,Fra, Luisa, Hilary, Jason, Niki

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